Physical Therapy

Various forms of physical therapy can help the patient in the healing process and increase his or her general sense of well-being. Which form of therapy is most appropriate is discussed with the patient, and is selected from the three different areas of physical therapy, including: physical-balneological treatments, sport and movement therapy, and physical therapy.

Physical-balneological treatments:

  • General massage, foot reflexology, and lymph drainage
  • Medical hydrotherapies, Kneipp baths, walking or marching in the water, and the sauna
  • Light therapy, solarium, and vapor inhalation therapy
  • Heat therapy, "Siretherm” therapy, and fango therapy

Sport and movement therapy:

  • Group gymnastic classes, specific individual gymnastic programs, spine-strengthening exercises
  • Ergometer and treadmill training, walking, hiking outside
  • Volleyball and table tennis
  • Breathing and relaxation exercises

Physical therapy:

  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular fascilitation (PNF), Brunkow-based exercises, manual therapy and training therapy
  • Breathing exercises and breathing therapy
  • Hydroexercises
  • Posture, coordination, and balance training

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