Oesophagus Disorders

Examination Methods

Diagnostics and medical treatment of inflammations of the Oesophagus (gullet)

Palliative endoscopic therapy (laser therapy, stent implantation) and chemotherapy of malign disorders of the oesophagus.

Endoscopic emergency haemostasis of active ulcers (injection, applying of clips) and bleeding varicose veins (loops, injection and sclerotherapy).

Balloon angioplasty in the case of achalasia and bougienage of inflammatory or malign stenosa.

Endoscopic removal of foreign objects from the oesophagus.


Oesophageal endoscopy under a local anasthetic or a tranquilizer including the removal of tissue samples

Endosonoscopy of the oesophagus with puncture

Longterm measuring of the pH in the oesophagus

Manometric measuring (measuring of pressure) of the oesophagus

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