Dr. med. Thomas Müller


Studied human medicine at Bochum and Bonn universities


Graduated (Medical Doctor) from Bonn university


Scientific Assistant at Bonn university while continuing specialist education in internal medicine


Acting senior practitioner at Medical Department III of Main-Taunus District Medical Centre (medical director: Professor Vogel)

Since 1989

Developed the department of pneumologic endoscopy and functional diagnostics. Head of interdisciplinary intensive care unit at Hofheim.


Internal medicine specialist; Specialist Registrar of Medical Department III


Chief Registrar and Assistant Medical Director


Pneumology added as specialisation area


Arranged and chaired interdisciplinary Oncology Conference


Medical Director, Department of Pneumology and General Internal Medicine

Research Activities

Since 1989 – Principal investigator in numerous multicentric national and international studies (e.g., therapy of bronchial carcinoma, pneumonia therapy, therapy of acute lung failure)

Publications – Co-author of medical books; scientific lecturer

Teaching Experience

Teaching position – Frankfurt University: Internal Medicine
Specialist training authorisation by State of Hesse Medical Chamber for internal medicine and pneumology


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin (German Society for Internal Medicine)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie (German Pneumology Society)
Atemwegsliga (German League for Respiratory Medicine)
Süddeutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie (Pneumology Society of Southern Germany)

Pulmonary Diseases and Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Diseases and Internal Medicine

As an internal medicine and pneumology specialist, I focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the following pulmonary diseases:
  • Obstructive respiratory ailments (COPD / asthma)
  • Lung cancer
  • Respiratory infections (pneumonia)
  • Allergies
  • Special types of ventilatory support (home respiratory services)

Another focus of my work is on intensive care (invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support, weaning from artificial respiration).

  • Health Check-Up