Dr. Isabel Fell, M.D.


Studies in chemistry at University of Cologne, Germany


Studied human medicine at Rheinische Friedrich-Willhelm University, Bonn, Germany


Studied human medicine at Aachen Technical University (RWTH)


Parental leave (2 children)


Instructor in prenatal classes at Aachen Family Education Institute


Completed human medicine studies at Aachen Technical University (RWTH)


Residency at general practitioner office


Residency at dermatology clinic "Hautmedizin Bad Soden"

2001 to present

Assistant medical director, Dermatology Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention


Doctorate in surgery at RWTH University, Aachen


Scientific associate, established new neurodermitis training center at University Hospital Dermatology Department, Mainz


Approved as Medical Specialist for dermatology and venereology


Special focal area – allergology

2012 to present

Partner, dermatology clinic "Hautmedizin Bad Soden"

2012 to present

Consulting Physician at Main-Taunus-Klinik Bad-Soden

Other Credentials:

Neurodermitis trainer and head of neurodermitis and psoriasis patient training program at Dermatology Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention. Assistant professor in charge of superregional training of dermatologists, pediatricians and psychologists to become neurodermatitis trainers.

Author of patient education books.

Advisory board member at Neurodermitis Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Neurodermitis e.V., AGNES); Member of Board of Directors, Neurodermitis-Akademie Hessen-Thüringen.

Research Activities:

Lecturer on chronic inflammatory skin diseases at national and international conventions, with a focus on patient education on atopic dermatitis.

Active member of various specialist organizations, contributing to and introducing training concepts in Germany and other European countries.

Investigator and co-investigator of clinical randomized double-blind studies at the Clinical Research Center, Mainz University Hospital Department of Dermatology.

Principal investigator in clinical studies.

Our inpatient and outpatient care.

Outpatient care by the specialists from the Bad Soden dermatology center (Hautmedizin Bad Soden) practicing privately at Main-Taunus-Privatklinik:
We cover the full range of general dermatology and allergology, applying the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
Early diagnosis of skin cancer, including reflected-light microscopy and computer-assisted analysis and documentation.
Photodynamic therapy of light-colored forms of skin cancer and their precursors.
Surgical dermatology of skin tumors, moles and esthetically undesirable skin alterations.
Many chronic skin diseases, such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis etc., are treated at the Brine Bath/Phototherapy center for dermatology, Medico Palais Bad Soden, applying a holistic approach.
Dermatologic laser therapy and other advanced, non-invasive methods of skin rejuvenation are an additional focus of our dermatologic activities. The dermatology department at the Medico Palais Bad Soden also offers esthetic dermatology based on an individualized consultation and treatment concept.

Inpatient care: Special focal areas are interdisciplinary disease patterns such as erysipelas, herpes zoster, vasculitis, hives, autoimmune diseases and chronic itching. In addition, we can treat severe forms of psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases on an inpatient basis at Main-Taunus-Privatklinik.

We are available as dermatologic consultants to all specialist disciplines of Main-Taunus-Privatklinik at all times.

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