All Types of
Surgery to Improve Hearing

Millions of people are hard of hearing. This disorder may not only lead to social isolation, but as new studies have shown, it can also impair one' s intelligence.

Surgery can correct various types of hearing disorders. This may include repairing a damaged eardrum, implanting new auditory ossicles, debriding infected bone, removing stirrup calcification, et al.

Our clinic diagnoses and treats:

  • Cartilage palisade tympanoplasty/tympanic membrane perforation & tympanoplasty
  • Cholesteatoma surgery
  • Stapes surgery
  • Petrosal bone disorders
  • Drainage of the middle ear

  • Tympanostomy and corrective surgery of the ear concha
  • Audiometry and impedance measurement
  • Tinnitus measurement
  • überschwellige Diagnostik/Short increment sensitivity index
  • Measurement of brainstem auditory evoked response (BERA)

  • Measurement of otoacoustic emissions

All examinations and surgery are minimally invasive and conducted in conjunction with blood pressure monitoring.

  • Health Check-Up