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Main-Taunus-Privatklinik GmbH/Main-Taunus Private Clinic Ltd.
Lindenstr. 10
65719 Hofheim, Germany
Tel.: +49 - 6192 - 98-4021
Fax: +49 - 6192 - 98-4022

Project management:
Claudia Planz M.A.
Public Relations Director

Tel.: (06192) 984033

Project steering:
Dipl.-Inform. Karsten Wendland

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Dipl.-Inform. Bjoern Koester
Webstrategy GmbH

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Stefan Musch

Main-Taunus-Privatklinik GmbH/Main-Taunus Private Clinic Ltd.

Managing directors:
Dr. Tobias Kaltenbach
Helmut Krechel
Prof. Dr. Michael Booke
Prof. Dr. Stephan Volk

Main office:
Hofheim am Taunus

Commercial registry code:
HRB 54236

Authorizing agency:
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt (Darmstadt Regional Board)

VAT identification number:
DE 169096518

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BLZ (Bank identification number) 512 500 00
Kto (Account number) 420 4964

Bankhaus Lampe
BLZ (Bank identification number) 480 201 51
Kto (Account number) 506 7596

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